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Британская певица надела никаб и поделилась восторженными отзывами

Джосс Стоун

Британская певица и актриса Джосс Стоун побывала в Саудовской Аравии и поделилась в соцсети своими ощущениями, удивив подписчиков-европейцев.

Стоун опубликовала на личной странице в Instagram свою фотографию в розовом платке, повязанном в виде никаба, с длинным комментарием.

В комментарии певица выразила свой восторг от ношения лицевого покрывала, которое ей очень понравилось. – «У меня не сразу получилось повязать его так, чтобы оно не падало, но когда я смогла, то я узнала, что даже не обязана его носить. Как жаль! И я решила все равно надеть его, потому что мне оно очень понравилось», – написала Стоун, цитирует IslamNews.

Британка рассказала, что успела пообщаться с саудовскими женщинами самых разных профессий и узнала от них, что они одеваются закрыто по собственному желанию и не чувствуют себя ущемленными.

«Они не угнетены, они высокообразованные и свободны в своем выборе о том, как проживать свои жизни», – отметила Джосс.

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Oh #saudiarabia how we love you so ! I cannot wait to tell everyone I meet to go visit this beautiful place filled with beautiful people yet again, pleasantly surprised. Took me a while to figure out how to keep this wrap from falling off and then when I finally got it I realised that I didn’t even have to wear it. What a shame ! So I wore it anyway because I love it. I love the different cultures we get a chance to come across and become part of, even if it’s for just one small tiny moment. It means so much. The women here are strong and exercising their choice to be free, wear what they want and do what they want, their want may be different to what we experience at home but there ain’t nothing wrong in that. To each her own. I spoke to female doctors , managers, directors, vocal specialists, hearing specialists, carers, a singer/performer/artist and they all tell the same tale. The horses mouth has spoken. Yes there are horrible things going on all over the world in many different corners and crevasses but these women individually felt they were not oppressed , they were highly educated and free to choose how they lived their lives. I can only ever speak of those that I have met, I will not comment on what I have not seen with my own eyes because I have no right to. Assumption really is not something I wish to entertain. if you don't know , go have a look for yourself have a look for your self. I have come away from this inspired. Not just by the women but the men too, with how they are celebrating the changes that are happening in Saudi Arabia they are not fighting against it as so many might assume . It seems to me that they are all walking forward together trying to make there world a better place. This is the feeling I got from my personal experience. I would really like to go back one day and explore this place further . Thanks for having me #saudiarabia

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