Unforgettable and welcoming Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek cuisine


30 Июля 2016г.
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Uzbekistan is a sunny and friendly country located in Central Asia. It is rightly considered to be one of the oldest countries in the world, because there are still preserved the unique ancient cities with the centuries-old history. On the duration of the existence and preservation of important historical and architectural objects the capital of Uzbekistan is equated with such cities as Rome and Babylon. Some cities are not only the heritage of the land, but also a reminder of the once laid the Great Silk Road.

Uzbek cuisine, being the property of the country and constituent of Uzbek culture, has deep roots. Today it contains dishes from a variety of ingredients: meat, vegetables, cereals, vegetables, fruit and fat. As soon as you have free time, be sure to drop in local restaurants and partake the national flavoured dish. For example, manty – large meat dumplings that are steamed on special lattices and small dumplings with chopped meat and onion; Uzbek pies "somsa" stuffed with meat, potatoes and cheese; the world-famous Uzbek pilaf with lamb, herbs and vegetables, as well as shurpa and mashkichiri (Uzbek soups). For hot dishes you can order salads of fresh greens and juicy vegetables. And, of course, we can not to mention local drinks and delicacies: puffy sweet flat cakes (Uzbek bread), dried fruit, halva and nuts. Uzbek sweets, especially sweets and flour products, are not just delicious, but also quite unusual. By the recipe and taste properties they are unique and have has no equal around the world.

Very often the feast of taste is interspersed with the holiday for the soul, because during the meal travelers can explore the national musical art of Uzbekistan. Local musicians firstly charm with tender lyrical melody, and then cheer up with fast incendiary dance. And from the banal satisfy of hunger meal stretches into the rite that reflects national cultural traditions.


Modern Uzbekistan – is a picturesque region where in the tourist’s eyes the intricate mountain slopes and ridges, wonderful flowering gardens, world-famous architectural monuments, valleys of the rivers and many other scenic spots are open. In this regard, trekking in Uzbekistan is the type of recreation in demand. And anyone can make a trekking tour around Uzbekistan.

In almost any city of the country there are monuments dedicated to Islamic religious sacred places – mausoleums, mosques, museums, huge squares with stately columns and other architectural landmarks.

Among many beautiful places in Uzbekistan there are natural sceneries and historical monuments of Khiva. This town is also called the city-reserve, lying in the center of the Karakum desert. Within the city there are hundreds of monuments of different historical eras and nationalities that once lived in this area.

Karakum desert

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